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Our Next General Meeting is Monday, March 20, 2017



6:30 pm. Registration; Pre-meetings; Members offering deals

7:30 pm†† Our Featured Speaker: Frank Vitale

Editorís Note: at previous pre-meetings many questions were asked about Section 8. Therefore, we decided that it would be beneficial to devote an entire meeting to the subject.


Take Advantage of Section 8 Income


        What exactly is Section 8?

        How does a tenant qualify for Section 8?

        How does the Section 8 Program work?

        What are vouchers?

        Am I required to take a tenant who is on Section 8?

        How do I apply to get on the Section 8 Program?

        How demanding are annual Section 8 inspections?

        Do I get a monthly payment from both tenant and Section 8?

        What happens if a Section 8 tenant damages the property?

        What happens if the Section 8 tenant does not pay the rent?

        Does Section 8 only apply to certain types of housing?

        What are the pros and cons of Section 8?

About our speaker: Frank Vitale started investing with $2,500.00 in his early twenties and built a real estate money machine. His interests include goal-setting, personal development, landlord techniques, Section 8, creative deal making and thinking outside the box! Frankís down-to-earth sincere desire to help others reflects yet another personal goal; to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.

Effective January 1, 2017 a visitor must pay a $20 entrance fee.
Said fee shall be credited toward annual membership provided that the visitor pays the annual fee by the end of the evening.
Please be advised that we will request that you show ID.
If a visitor wishes to attend a subsequent meeting, he/she must pay the annual membership fee
or will not be admitted to the meeting room.
We hope that you will learn that our meetings offer solid, practical real estate education.
The annual fee is only $150 and you will then be able to gain access to the Members ONLY area of our website.