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Last Month Photos
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Please correct your calendar: the MREIA July General Meeting is on JULY 24th.
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Our Next General Meeting is Monday, May 17, 2017


6:30 pm. Registration; Pre-meetings; Members offering deals

7:30 pm   MREIA welcomes back Attorney Harry Frieland


Isn’t it Time that YOU Become Knowledgeable about Land Trusts?

If you don’t, it could cost you … big time.

The failure to use a Land Trust could affect your success as a Real Estate Investor… simply because you are not educated on its proper use. Don’t let that be you…


Should you be using Land Trusts? If so, when and how? Is the Land Trust the be-all and end-all entity for asset protection? When would a Land Trust file an Income Tax Return?


Harry Frieland, Esq. will guide you through the legal aspects of Land Trusts and other kinds of trusts—what they really do for you and what they will not do.


Step-by-step approaches to using Land trusts in different kinds of deals—here are a few:

o All cash                    o Conventional financing  o Buying at foreclosures         

o Owner financing        o Buying/Selling on a Land Contract                                    o Leasing & Lease-Options        o Refinancing   Subject to


To Be Discussed from the Topics Below:

• Land Trust Basics                                • Relationship of Players

• Picking a Trustee                                  Deeds into a Land Trust

• Maintaining Privacy                             • Who REALLY holds title and Why

• Trustee and fiduciary issues                  • Changing Trustees…PROPERLY!                                                 • Successor/Contingent Beneficiaries     • Liability issues

• Adding Estate Planning to Trusts         • Transfer: Property & Income Taxes          • Types of beneficiaries                           • Funding the Land Trust properly                        

• Land Trusts & the Due-on-Sale clause—the real story

                       • Using Land Trusts in a 1031 Exchange

• The importance of Beneficiary Agreements Trustee                                                                            •Trust Stacking & Entity Stacking Strategies

     • Interesting & powerful clauses and variations

     • How to avoid revealing the Trust documents

If you would like to attend one meeting, A $20 visitor fee will be credited toward your $150 annual membership,
provided that you become a member by the end of the meeting.
Our meetings are designed to offer solid, practical real estate education,
taught by LOCAL experienced speakers and investors!
The annual fee is only $150 and you will then be able to gain access to the Members ONLY area of our website.